Alberta has enacted a Sovereignty Act over the hostility and neglect of the Canadian Federal Government. It shows that the fundamental tensions of federalism are the same everywhere- Canada or India.
Some Thoughts About Messi Winning The World CupIt still seems surreal that Argentina won the World Cup. It seems surreal that fate has finally been kind to Leo Messi. There's been so many tim…
An essay on the Popular Front of India, a now banned organisation and its antecedents.
Or at least not intended as such - An exploration of Article 167 of the Constitution
"Sometimes a dark spot or a mole enhances the beauty."
Looking at the numbers from the NCRB Data for the Atrocities Act
The newly passed Tribunal Reforms Bill (soon to be Act) is a welcome development since the beginning of tribunalisation of Justice in India
CoWIN's success as a vaccine management has been crucial in the fight against COVID-19.
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